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about us Qgoal

logo Qgoal Qqoal Co., Ltd has been established by a new-generation group of people with knowledge and profession in communication technology including advertisement. As many media available in the market are not able to meet the need of manufacture/seller who would like to advertise their product or service because the advertisement or the marketing used are not directed to their target customers or too much budget is used forcing the manufacturer/seller to add this expenses into the products and finally their products or services become uncompetitive, thus, Qgoal proudly offers Direct Marketing Service to be an alternative marketing option which is convenient, save and fast.
In 2005
Qgoal Co. Ltd has been established for providing a communication via mobile phone or in other words, to provide a service of SMS sending vis CAT system which is as convenient and fast as other telephone provider with an inexpensive charge. Qgoal provides services both in form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Public Relation (PR) with an excellent feedback from much company interesting in Qgoal’s service. In addition, with cooperation from M-Link, Qgoal provide mobile phone’s downloading service such as SMS, MMS, Logo, Ringtone, and Wallpaper downloading.
In 2007
Qgoal established new division for Tele-marketing to be able to support Inbound-Call center and outbound-Telesales in order to meet the customer’s need where they would like to know the result of the information or promotion news which has been transmitted immediately such as activity participation, purchasing order. This is considered as new important step for Qgoal to provide a new service of Direct Mail which is to send brochures to customer. This Direct Mail service has been continuously developed until now. In 2008
In 2008
Fax Marketing Service was established in order to meet the need of customers who run Business to Business (B to B). This service is to transmit the information between a company to other companies in order to expand the market and the customer has been increased to more than 300,000 companies which make the business become realized and be able to increase sales and potential.

In 2009
After we established SMS service in 2005, Qgoalforesaw the technological capability and potential of existing staffs. Therefore, VMS or Voice Message Service system isdeveloped (instead of a text messaging) in order to cause marketing throughinteractive media that can capturefeedback from customers to measure and respond immediately. With effective technology, user can access the needs,brand awareness, and understanding of customer behavior by using “I talk, I speak, I think” Qgoal intelligent concept system and VMS technology. This answers customer needs as well as build and promote a professional service and also maintainpotential customers.


In 2010
According tomany agencies and organizations both public and private entities are prepared and support to drive the processof developing 3G technology in country, communication devices such as mobile phone become an influenceon communication behavior of consumers. Especially a type of cheap smartphone with many options has influenced to tens of millions ofThai consumers to purchase and ownsmartphone and the number is likely to increase more in the future. Therefore mobile media has become to play a role in marketing communication in form of SMS, MMS, WAPSite, I-Modesite, Games and Applications that can access to private media or mobile phone of customers directly.


With our experience and efficiency in Interactive Media service, Qgoal foresaw transmission service via “Applications”.Therefore, an application service is developed in order to support Direct Marketing that can access to customer private media through mobile media which tends to increase a number of users steadily. As a result, organizations can do marketing"on technological advantage"to promotemodernization of corporate image. In addition, it helps strengthen the emotional bond between company and customer as well as motivate them to purchase products with company applications.


In 2011
With the start of daily operation of Qgoal staff that required coordination with multiple agencies both within and outsideentities as well as introductionof goods and services to customers, individual working or depended on marketer caused delays, difficult to monitor and measure. However with the Qgoal technological push development, “Tele Onsite” operating system is developed from Tele Marketing unit and has applied on Qgoal staff since 2007 in order to help facilitate operations of staff, reduce overlapping job tasks among staffs,improve coordination convenient and fast, and do not need to dependon person anymore.In addition, it allows administrator to manage well onoperating system, convenient, fast, and reduce usage of paper. Moreover, itprovides systematic professional measurement and evaluation process of each staff, and helps our businesses succeed after measured by Qgoal.

  In 2012
Over 8 years in Direct Marketing business, Qgoal is guaranteed as“a leader and expert in Direct Marketing” and known as number one of Thailandwith almost a decade of experience in the field of direct marketing and a research to study and analysis market trends.Currently, we have developed marketing team to strengthen and become your strategic advisor. In early January, Qgoal has launched a company potential availabilityas the Marketing Consultantin seminar “Emerging Trends in Real Estate in 2012” in order to build customerstrust and confidence and exchange direct marketing trendswithpotential real estatecustomers to reinforce our position from this year onwards.
  According to aforementioned services, Qgoal has been developing the services continuously and still on the go in Direct Marketing business in order to transmit the information to target customer directly with an inexpensive budge , convenience, and fast. In addition, Qgoal provides a wide range of customer database to be selected in order to obtain the right target group for your business, both for Business to Business (B to B) or Business to Customer (B to C). Qqoal proudly and pleasantly provide the best service to company, organization, agency, or shop in order to be a part to drive your business or your products into the attention of your customers.