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Qgoal - Provider for Direct Marketing
Qgoal makes an attempt and persevere to expand business in theprovinces and regions in order to be recognized and access the target groupby using"Direct Marketing" which is another option in bringing local business to achieve success in direct marketing with convenience, fast, and also monitor the response of goods and services at an affordable price and not wasteful. Service network expansion project is considered to launch in the provinces and regions, and in June 2011, Chiang Mai - a significant city in the North is chose to be the first base location of Qgoal service in order to provide "Direct Marketing" and we promise to make an attempt to develop a good service of Direct Marketing in other regions as well.
Qgoal direct marketing provider with almost a decade of experience in the field of direct marketing and a research to study and analysis market trends is guaranteed as a leading and expert in direct marketing and known as the number one of service business in Thailand.

A concept of Qgoal service is a full option "Sale Force One" service that provides promotingnews and updates, products information and services,including opening and closing a sale.

  1. Send SMS product information or service to customerin the morning
  2. a customer can access more detail via the website
  3. monitor customer with “Tele Marketing” in the afternoon to answer question
  4. meet a customer need and answer directly, including opening and closing a sale 

Sale Force One
A new marketing sales innovation which meets the business needs in order to open market in the current economic conditions. There are 4 services provided by Qgoal Sale Force One
Key Success of Direct Marketing is Database
Qgoal Data Base Service
A service to providecustomer database with personal details. Qgoal is one of the giant customer database companies in country thatmakes research and stores information needed whether name, gender, age, occupation, income, address, phone number, credit card. The information is all new and updated, and divided into 3 groups as follows:

  1. List of persons, registered company employees
  2. List of companies, club members
  3. Auto brand owners in Thailand

An example of Qgoal database : a fitness company who wants toexpand marketing toincrease sales bysetting the customer scope on gender, age, phone number,salary, taste and lifestyle, etcto buy Qgoal database and send SMS to target customers in order to promotenew products or servicesthey need to be reachable.

In case a company wantsadditional database, we also have specific information as follows:

  1. can specify whether"female" or “male"customers
  2. can specify the age range of teenagersbetween 17-25 years old or working people between 25-30 years old.
  3. can specify differentsalary levelsor choose as a group of business owner such as customers who earn 15,000 - 50,000 baht, or even specifyaccount balanceup to 500,000 baht.
  4. can specifythe residential area such as the companieslocated on Kaset-Nawamin Road can choose target customers who live in areas of Din Daeng, Huay Kwang instead of choosing all areas of Bangkok.
  5. database which is researched by leading department stores helps you to determine your business scale with consumption behavior. For example, consumption behavior in purchasing Projector TV plasma Home Theater shows that customer has high purchasing power. We also haveinformation about buying behavior in many leading department stores.