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Qgoal Direct Mail Marketing Process
Data Support:Provide customer’s information to suit the target group they want to communicate or advertise.

Cleaning Data:There is very important as most of the expense is spent on the data which does not access the target group or is not considered an update of moving or changing address. Qqoal keeps it accurate, complete and up-to-datewhich make the best use of data.

Label Support:Prepare and print out the delivery address to be affixed on the product before deliver to your customer.

Packing Document :Pack the various parcels both by hand and automatic machine.

Posting : Pick up the product at customer’s location and delivery to address in order to facilitate the customer.

Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing Service
1. With data cleansing support systemhelps make a high level of Qgoal Direct Mail Service accuracy and reliability under principle“deliver accurate order to the right person at the right place".
2. Using QR code technology in Direct Mail Service ensureaccurate processing of all delivery and view result immediately.
3. Direct Mail Service exactlymeets your needs like having a post office in your place.
4.Enhance value of delivery becauseour Direct Mail Service providesmental value andpromotesservice in concept“Classic &Never DieCommunication".
5. With our Direct Marketing team that is not onlysending products or information, but also getting ready to support and drive sales,make impression, and take careof every delivery. This is to establish the strong bond between company and customer to bring back Brand Image and Brand Loyalty & Relations.