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SMS Marketing - Sending SMS directly to target customers
SMS Marketing Send SMS to target customers effectively in order to inform them the company’s news or promotion. This is fast and accurate.

Two types of Sending SMS :
Customer Relation Managementor CRM Send existing customers SMS in order to promote or update company news to build relationship and keep them brand loyalty. 
Public Relations or PR Send new customers SMS in order to advertise or promote services and products they are not current members or never use the services directly.
Database for SMS Marketing :Rental database is available for sending SMS to target customers the company needs by choosing gender, age, salary, consumption behavior, and etc.
Highlights of SMS marketing : 99% of customers open and read SMSand can get the response back immediately.

  1. can access to target customer
  2. cheap and time saving to promote products and services
  3. build image of a Hi-Technologycompany, ads or campaigns can be sent or released through fast 3G network

Determinants of Effective SMS is promotion.Using promotional products to attract and keep customers to follow and coming back.

  1. Reduced Price: using SMS to confirm the rights.
  2. Exchange : using SMS to receive provided prize.
  3. Distribute : using SMS or calling back to confirm with company to get provided prize. 
  4. Reward Points : accumulating points to earn rewards such as purchasingpackage A and you’re rewarded.
  5. Free: any festivals such as Mother's Day - a mother buyspackage A1 with package Baby will receive 10% discount off.
  6. Time: choosing appropriate delivery time can help increasing sales. Send customers SMS before promotion coming up or 7 days before the festival begins for get them ready.

SMS Download :
A popular service that allows you run the business activities fast and effective by sending SMS with download links whether slideshow, picture, motion with musicfor clarity to promote and advertise products or services, such as real estate by sending SMS to customers to download a house or condo picturesto make it easier in making their purchase-decision.

SMS Advanced Marketing :
This is a new way of marketing by introducing products, offering new promotional items or conducting CRM activities by sending SMS as well as recording customer’s information on customer database with the on-web registration system which is convenient, fast, efficient, and result can be evaluated immediately.

Advantages of SMS Advanced Marketing:

  1. Direct access to customers, convenient, fast, and high efficient.
  2. Inexpensive when comparing with other methods and the result can be evaluated immediately.
  3. Can be used to record information of new customers or to connect to the existing customer database.
  4. Can be controlled accurately and the usage can be checked at all times. There are three services and find out which one is suitable for you.
Data for sms marketingSMS Advance Marketing