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Qgoal can make your business becomes successful with Tele-Onsite, a new management system allowing you to manage the work of your staff professionally with an easy to use and up-to-date feature to monitor the work of your staff and to be in fast response with customer’s needs.

Voice Record

Record the conversations between staff and customer in order to obtain actual details of communication, to confirm appointments, and to be easy to follow up with the customers again in the future. The record of conversation can be reviewed in order to be able to contact the customer continuously and to offer the right products according to customer’s need.

Different Views of Report

To report operation results in different views: in the respect of the communication with existing customer, new customer acquisition in the future, and average time of communication, in order to analyze and predict the future result, as well as to evaluation working performance of each staff.

Training & Team Building

Train new employee by using the conversation recorded in the system. This record can be used to analyze and solve the problems which might occur in order to build an efficient team work.

Sales Target Increasing

The sales can be increased by close following up on the report of customer contacting information and new customer acquisition report. This will as well allow you staff to work more efficient.

Cost Reduction

Cost can be reduced by knowing the actual working efficiency of your staff in order to be able to manage the cost within the company more accurate.